-$32 Loss
CPAHLong Stock

Good pick, but I got in too late. I'm on the right track, but need to execute earlier


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HackJul 18, 18 1:01 PM

Hello. Just a friendly comment. Never buy at that spike. I mean why did you? Its way above the resistance. It was an unconventional spike probably due to some events happening, but when it was already way over resistance (near $5) you should've never bought.

SithLordJul 19, 18 12:17 PM

@AppleTree1415 this was a boredom trade that I regret and I didn't take the time to properly assess. I picked CPAH because it was up close to 100% intraday. I thought I could get another 10% out of these green candles, but it started tumbling soon after I took my position. I would try this one again if I could get in earlier.

SithLordJul 19, 18 12:19 PM

@Hack I understand. Hindsight is 20/20. At the time, the top was not evident to me. I thought it was going to run up some more. Guessed wrong.

SithLordJul 19, 18 12:21 PM

Thank you for the feedback, guys. I do appreciate it. We all want to walk away with profits, so I trust that you speak to me as an ally.

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