$1,864 profit RKDA Long Stock

Entry comments: Giving live webinar, dip buying this former Supernova spiking big, goal is to make 50-75 cents/share on the bounce

Exit comments: Decent little bounce, buying into sheer panic on a Supernova that can still re-spike, nearly $2k profit

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Soozep Jun 27, 18 1:45 PM

Any profit is better than a loss! You go!!!

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($140) loss CRON Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this former weed runner on little morning spike could be multi-month breakout if it keeps running into the 8s, that's my goal 25-50 cents/share of upside

Exit comments: It hit the key 8.10 breakout level, but couldn't hold it, now fading so I cut losses quickly, always worth a shot on Friday mornings, but small loss, GEVO was the morning spiker today but it moved too fast for me to chase

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$250 profit EGY Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this perfect breakout chart play from my watchlist, not the most volatile stock so it's only a 5% drop, but ti should be able to make up most or all of it by day's end today so that's my goal, classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern, just a non-volatile version, but still a perfect multi-week breakout play

Exit comments: Zzzzzz weak bounce, got up to 2.88, but I got a bit greedy and tried giving it more time which reduced my profits considerably...just not volatile enough of a stock and the overall market is just crap

battleground Jun 15, 18 10:19 AM

Yea seems to want to stay right around 2.80 not really going up or down lol 2 all both sides right in that zone

Soozep Jun 15, 18 10:21 AM

for a newbie it would have been good to see a shot of the charts

Poke_The_Bear Jun 15, 18 10:32 AM

Bid size is still strong. I'll hold for a bit

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@Mattmatt1002 just became a fully transparent trader today!

Dragonrider Jul 11, 18 4:44 PM

Hi Matt. One of the rules of trading Tim uses is to find stocks that have moved 10% the previous day. This ensures you get some price action worth your while. I noticed the HOD and LOD on JAGX was

Dragonrider Jul 11, 18 4:45 PM

Sorry. The HOD and LOD was .05 cents so not much movement. Congrats on being a transparent trader and best of luck.

SithLord Jul 16, 18 10:43 AM

Matt, have you tried Webull yet? It's so much better than Robinhood. Check it out.

crenny Jul 19, 18 3:46 PM

I started Webull 6/21 with $100 just to try it out. I also like it and may move from Robinhood but for now still have both.

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