[TimAlerts] JNUG is 3x leveraged junior miners index, not relevant because you can't predict commodities / won't act like normal security. You don't have to short it, you can buy JDST, it's the inverse JNUG behavior, also triple leveraged. Stop bringing up ETFs though.


[TimAlerts] JNUG is a triple leveraged junior miners index ETF. If you don't follow commodities, you shouldn't be playing with JNUG or $NUGT. They have bear versions, JDST and $DUST. News will violently move these ETFs.


[TimAlerts] JDST and JNUG are similar, but regarding gold. JNUG is the bull ETF and JDST is its inverse, bear ETF


[TimAlerts] FWIW i believe gold may be about to rebound. Super nice pattern and super high volume coming in, over 40k volume in the hour indicitive of a swing, however short lived that may be... for those interested in JNUG JDST $NUGT etc..

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