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Dirtimoney Jan 19, 6:37 PM

Thanks for the post and mentioning it in the challenge chatroom, been looking for a few additional tips to match up against what I am think for criteria of a buy. Also nice Risk Management sheet, I will deff be using it :D

ATXTrader Jan 19, 6:39 PM

thank you for sharing what's worked for you. Very thorough explanation.

Murphpiece Jan 20, 1:15 AM

This is fantastic. Question, however: have you considered making a video explaining with visuals of these strategies?

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Bathery Aug 27, 20 10:58 PM

Thank you for sharing.

Lyoness Aug 31, 20 9:54 AM

I really appreciate your honesty and analysis. No matter how many times we may have heard it, it always helps to hear this story from another perspective. If you don't mind, I am curious, how disciplined would you say you were on previous trades? Were these lessons ones that you may have seen before? I've always wondered when I've heard stories about traders who have faced big losses, whether their one big loss represented a one-time bad decision, or if their trading habits kind of caught up

Lyoness Aug 31, 20 9:57 AM

sorry, comment caught off. --trading habits caught up with them. I've been following you with interest, because it seems like we've both been growing our accounts at similar rates, and we've been in a lot of the same trades. Thank you for your analysis, it was really well thought out. I'm glad it wasn't a 35K loss and you're still around to trade another day, because I look forward to learning from you in the future!

KaranKhanna Aug 31, 20 10:37 AM

Thanks. It was only a time time screw up. I am overall quite disciplined because of which i was able to grow my account from $2500. I just missed taking liquidity into account. This mistake wont be ever happening ever again

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