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The first panic at market open. It happens quick and you must just pull the trigger. Sell into momentum and that is pretty much it. I'm starting with smaller positions because I have lost recently. It is not a good feeling but you need to hang in there.


$60 Profit
NBEVLong Stock

Conservative position because I have had a tough time in this market. Again it comes down to level two....... buying weakness and selling strength. The expected gains are not what you think. 5 or 10% not right now.


$80 Profit
LCIShort Stock

Left a lot of money on the table on this one. 1) It dropped to $6.05 for just a minute, where I could have covered for a $200 profit. 2) Then it stabilized at 6.10-6.12 for 2 minutes where I could still have made about $150. 3) Later it came back down to $6.09-6.10 area for another two minutes giving me the same chance. And of course I covered on its way back up. Got to be ready and be out, locking in profits.


($50) Loss
RGSELong Stock

hold over the weekend weak volume I sold , spiked to 0,58 later on the day but I was already out

($27) Loss
NIOShort Stock

Good entry, with HOD as my cover. When it could not break down $7.95 in the morning and spiked to $8.15 I got freaked out and covered. It turns out that I was correct and dropped to $7.60 3 hours later. Need more patience with shorts and it is a lot slower process than longs. Don't need to freak out and cover until my stop losses hit.



Played the bounce on this one. Came across this after it had popped and decided to buy the dip. The bounce wasn't anything at all, really disappointing, but was enough to squeeze out a little bit of juice.