I had my trading strategy down for a while except for the number one thing that should come before trading... finding the right broker. I can not stress this enough: DO NOT open an account with ShareBuilder, you're only going to get annoyed at LPS surcharges and random site outages that leave you stranded in the middle of trading.

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Moneymakerspy Apr 26, 14 6:03 AM

So glad I saw this before I got settled. I just bought enough through SB to use up a bonus I got and never used. Looking for a better solution now, any recs welcomed, guess I will head over to some Broker Videos...

aveiroso May 27, 14 8:51 PM

Glad to help someone with my miserable experience! Haha TD is nice because you get free level 2 quotes which is a nice feature. I would suggest getting two accounts, one in TD and one in suretrader (have yet to try suretrader, but the fees look enticing). I've heard Fidelity is pretty good too but they've been a pain to link my bank account with.

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