[SuperAlerts] I've also been watching $ATVI for a while now, beat down since October but looks like it trying to recover now. I think its definitely oversold, Holiday season could push it back up


[TimAlerts] $ATVI is good for a swing trade of a few days. Towards 40. If you can afford 500 shares at 38.5ish then a $1/share profit is techincally bound to happen. Just leave a limit order a 1$ away from your buy (as long as you buy at 38.5ish).


[TimAlerts] Interesting article, I kno that $ATVI is going to be ho tbut hats not anything near a penny haha.. eblieve around 40 a share...


[TimAlerts] Sold my longterm $ATVI position for $400 gain. Bought it right before the market went to hell earlier in the month and its come a long way since. Yesterday had a huge spike so i think its due for a pullback which i will re enter if it pulls back enough

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