First Winning Trade!! $CREE +1 Put Option $44 6 Sep 19 @ .99 and was out @ 1.51! (+$36) I'm using Put options to basically short stocks. I like the strategy i've created (although sure that others use the same). Practiced good patience and was calm during the trade, maybe a little too confident. Lessons Learned: Have a stop loss at a technical level to avoid shakeout. Use VWAP for shorting/entry (doesnt work for penny stocks). Also, I need to work on entry. Lastly, I must be very very meticulous with the stocks on my watchlist! (this is how i had today's play, by being more picky about the stocks fitting my indicators!)

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[SuperAlerts] $CREE great move I mentioned a few weeks ago on $GE news today looks like judgment day dont like gap fades

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