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dumbtrades Aug 06, 10:42 PM

Thanks Mark is not doing anything different he is just following the 7 step framework. He is looking for stocks that go up alot on the dialy and than looking to buy the dip on the inrtaday where there is max panic and buying it either at 11am when the charts allig

Androo Oct 06, 2:25 PM

Thank you Mark, very cool!

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[TimAlerts] 12/09 11:10AMMichaelGoode:CTXR not sure if mentioned already but paid pump this morning: " We have been compensated $30k cash via bank wire by a third party, Sunrise Media, LLC, to conduct investor relations advertising and marketing for CTXR. Stellar Media’s business model is to receive financial compensation to promote public companies."


[TimAlerts] what does everybody think about CTXR. 1.8 mil traded, up 72%, hod .99. Would have been better in the .60's.

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