Easy Money every day. ??? So I have been working on a new strat the last 2 weeks. It seems to work pretty dang well but, takes a little bit of early morning research everyday. If you are new to the game, as I am, you may want to look at only playing Direxion ETFs x3. (or x2/x1 if you want a safer slower moving equity) They are fairly easy to predict if you use the CME Futures Marketplace for intel . The CME futures are realtime 24/7 because they match all the world markets. So you know whats up and whats down before the market even opens. BEWARE PREMARKET TRADING on futures info. The premarket can be inflated and instantly drop the second more buyers/sellers come in at 9am. It can also work for you. Usually there is a massive dip in premarket even on trending futures, you can buy at the dip and be a bit safer. Never buy at the premarket high. Rule of thumb is to see what the closing price of the previous day is and try to buy the ETF around that price because it will NOT match it most of the time. You can look at an equity sector on CME and then find a matching Direxion ETFx3 and it will generally follow the futures quote for the day (Barring massive intraday swings of the futures market). Best part is Direxion has the best ETFs (imo) and their inverse(bear) funds are just as good as the bull funds. So you can play the market up OR down, however you like. It is best not to hold this for multiple days unless there is a huge futures trend. The second the futures swing the funds will swing also but a good rule of thumb is to hold the ETF for the entire day especially if the future holds steady or goes up. Watch DRIP / GUSH for oil moves on the CME futures market. Watch $DUST JDST / $NUGT JNUG for gold moves and $TNA / $TZA for small cap index moves. Best part is you can match the CME charts to the Direxion charts from the past to see the correlation on moves.$ERX / $ERY for major oil producer moves (Exxon, Chess, Occidental, etc) I am putting together a little presentation on this with my trades and it is very interesting indeed. Will post sometime in the next few weeks once I have more data. Good luck out there! Let me know if this nets you any cash!

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NoviceUnicorn May 09, 16 10:43 PM

@elliottmagic I am compiling the data right now and will post a complete "How-To guide" when I am satisfied with it. So far it is working fairly predictably and I have focused on understanding it better.

NoviceUnicorn May 20, 16 12:19 AM

This strategy is proving more difficult to nail down than originally anticipated. The miners shares tend to swing a lot more on sentiment than previously expected. I expected sentiment to follow commodity value but it seems to hinge more on other factors more so. Commodity value does have influence but not as much as I thought. Still working.

rugby Jun 06, 16 2:24 PM

oyyyy lots of words but on the other hand I made $5K on TNA from Friday to Monday and I don't do ANY of what you wrote...subscribers made $750 to $1500 today.

rugby Jun 06, 16 2:26 PM

btw, I NEVER use commodity futures....

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