Direxion ETFs : So I did a little analysis on some of the traders on here that have the "highest" win ratio and large profits. "rugby" is one of them. It appears that one solid strategy is trading 5 -100k a day in and out of Direxion EFTs making 1-5% and holding if you miss and hit a down day but buying in on the bottom. I downloaded rugby's trades for 2012-2014 (as this was the time he went from 3k profits to like 200k+ in profits) and analyzed his trading metric. It is quite interesting. He did start with what appears to be 20K in capital but he used it very wisely. I found it interesting that he played $TNA for basically it's entire uptrend for 4 years. I am not sure if he posted his trading strategy but from what I can see, it is play $TNA $FAS SPXL $DRN $NUGT MIDU on 1-10 day plays always selling as soon as you make 1-5% profit. Now he trades in and out 5-6 times during the day (until his settled cash is burnt for the day) I guess but still basically making 1-5% on large amounts of capital. He essentially bought in (4K+) on every down day and then held until the EFT came back to a profit. In some cases he held for several months but usually he held for 2-5 days and made 1-2%. Always making a profit but using vary large amounts of cap to do so. I did note that many times he would sell, and then buy-in 2 days later at a higher price, so I am not sure why he didn't just hold. Very interesting strat he has. I will have to try it out.

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[SuperAlerts] $FAS weekly cloud held so far at bottom see if this can close over 24 today to get back in the bands

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