[TimAlerts] CBAY doing the same thing as DPRX and FBIO during pre-market and then failed at market open


[TimAlerts] but back to my caution regarding CBAY - Not only did FBIO fail but DPRX did the exact same thing recently. So far what I can tell - Don't trade it pre-market and if it breaks down pre-market, just watch it.


[TimAlerts] FBIO is my example. Same thing - It spiked after hours and stagnant all day then dropped towards the close


[TimAlerts] FBIO running pre-market off news -- Avenue Therapeutics Receives Notices of Allowance for Patent Applications Covering Methods of Administration for Intravenous Tramadol

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Flockstock Jan 26, 17 12:27 AM

Dip buy vs failing knife .. Be aware of resistance and support levels are drop precent age off the recent highs ... Must be clear support zone established to dip buy ... Stock should still be uptrending and green, not having a red day ,, still holding a breakout and having a pullback ..dip buy is good

STicker Mar 05, 17 10:16 AM

Thank you Mark!

ZachR Jul 28, 17 2:15 PM

Thanks Mark

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