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stockson22 Jan 12, 18 1:03 PM

lol love when he links the "challenge webinar." "Ill link that to piss off people who don't have access to that because im nice like that"

March Mar 03, 18 11:57 AM

watchlist building process is priceless, thanks Tim

ZiggysMom Jun 05, 18 10:55 AM

Noting that being ready is extremely important. Never buy mid-range - Panics or breakouts only. Have a very specific plan. Don't look to trade. Don't predict, react. Focus on the price action. Keep track of recent runners.

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[TimAlerts] HGTM only thing moving feels like this is over played because of that reason and I would like to short but no shares


[TimAlerts] HGTM really going, didn't get executed just above $3 and won't chase.

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