Bought $PCG into strength. Now paying for it in a pullback. Times still don't change. Eliminate FOMO! Be picky!

trader1701 Apr 15, 11:23 AM

Down 60 bucks. Should have gotten off this train already. Still on it.

trader1701 Apr 15, 12:52 PM

Buy into weakness. Sell into strength.

trader1701 Apr 15, 1:17 PM

Sold out for a loss. Wiped out my trading profit from last week. Just downtrending and I'm just bagholding. Need to let the stock play out before entering. No FOMO next time.

trader1701 Apr 15, 1:36 PM

Risen .20 cents since my sell. Always get kicked in the balls. Need to read the time and sales or maybe get level 2. Back to studying.

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Glad I gave up on shorting $PCG Fool Me Once...

GT500 Jan 29, 1:40 AM

Big risk of news every day and probably won't get to 0 overnight. That is why it was avoid, at least for me.

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