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Chris6488 Oct 05, 22 1:33 PM

Thank you Tim, great webinar.

MAOTRADES Oct 26, 22 10:30 PM

Thanks Tim!! Awesome webinar.

RobertRiggs Jun 18, 23 9:54 PM

Do not trade guessing games, trading random setups lead to random results not lasting success. Cut losses quickly and don’t trade random setups. Thanks for the webinar Tim.

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LeeHunt Sep 28, 22 10:52 AM

Thanks Tim L!Great lessons !

RobertRiggs Jun 12, 23 10:50 PM

Simple 10 and 20 moving average crossing on the NYSE showing turning points of the market. Chinese scams every PR was a sell off promo. Be careful with the reverse split because it could get more volatile with less shares. When a scammer tells you it is going to a specific price it will never reach that goal. Thanks for the webinar Tim Lento.

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