[TimAlerts] What do yall think about $TLOG?? Completed sale of one of their bio-assets for $12m cash + $153m future milestones + additional pay-outs. The $12m cash part of the transaction is 4x their market cap.....


[TimAlerts] $TLOG for what its worth, the asset sale and receipt of $12 million was paid to all of the departing members of the board lol i saw someone say that it was good news earlier, its not, although its a pink sheet company, we can just assume sketchy activity all the time and likely be right


[TimAlerts] $TLOG typo fixed in 10,000 shares @ $0.114, out @ $.095 $180 loss. but I don't care because I sold early to get out of what could of been an even worse situation had it dropped a lot more past $0.10 cents. was too scared to hold any longer and couldn't get executed at such a large volume

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