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Bwilliams3913 Apr 19, 8:17 AM

Thank you Mark! Slowed way down on trading and focusing on studying and watching the process unfold.

jacksondowney5 Apr 23, 1:27 PM

1.) hot sectors are, by far, the best plays to focus on. 2.) sometimes you have to assume that a stock is not going to bounce. 3.) there’s a lot of noise in the chat. You have to be able to easily discern which charts are worth watching/trading. Thank you, Mark!!

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jacksondowney5 Apr 23, 11:21 AM

1.) DAS is a platform for trading. 2.) liquidity trap is typically seen on the daily chart when there’s a big green day, next day, volume dries up, but stock doesn’t really fade much. 3.) pre-clinical, then phases 1-4 is the process for biotechs getting their drugs to market. Thanks, Tim!

MaeRae May 03, 4:18 PM

Excellent review Tim. Thank you so much

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