[TimAlerts] $MGT closely connected with DDAY, VGGL FWIW. $359k cash, 18.1m shares out, Losing $5m/yr.


[TimAlerts] If you had put in a limit order at .46 on VGGL and the broker can execute the trade at a better price for you then they will do that. So, your order would probably have been executed anyway. As far as holding, that is a personal decision you have to make but, if you study Tims rules you will know that you have to cut your losses quickly so as not to lose too much. Hope this helps


[TimAlerts] Ok traders. I could use some guidance. I attempted to put in a limit order on VGGL yesterday at $.46, but I was working quickly because I was at work and didn't select "limit" so my order was executed at $.44 My thought was that $.46 would be a good buy as a convincing breakout past the $.43 resistance level. There was a little pullback today but not too bad. Am I stupid to still be holding or based on the chart does it look like it could bounce?


[TimAlerts] How about VGGL ? Several days green despite horrible red market days, looks on the verge of a breakout with no news, resistance is at $0.58


[TimAlerts] VGGL former runner on the verge of breaking out worth watching but only has 280k vol yet

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