Today was a struggle. I traded multiple stocks multiple times (again), I didnt put a clear enough entry strategy in place, I missed opportunities to lock in profits when I could and lost good trade opportunities. Started the day with relatively good logistic but rly bad and agressive shorting on ABEO and $GNC. Another unnecessary fail with buying $SRCI, all of which are 8$ range. Then I had a mathematical epiphany and tried trading same approach, same paper capital on >2$ stocks. Proceeded do to a couple of very gratifying trades with $AEZS, CAPR and $XCO. I exit the trading day humbled and motivated to study trough the weekend.

Tomislav Jul 31, 17 4:10 AM

Oi oi! Yep, Croatian. :)

barista Jul 31, 17 8:59 AM

haha cool :) good luck with penny stocks I'll be following you till you make million :)) I cant trade atm just bought into a new business so it will take me a while to get my feet back on the ground. In the meantime I wanna learn about it. It's a good thing your're paper trading just be patient and keep studying and remember cut your loses early and let your winners ride ;)

Tomislav Jul 31, 17 10:33 AM

hehe, thanks for the support! I'm going at it all determined and methodical, hopefully the hard work will pay out eventualy. ^^

Tomislav Jul 31, 17 10:34 AM

Good luck to you too with your new business!

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[TimAlerts] $XCO...made 5.00 didn't get a great entry...could buy back in after a dip....basically got a free shot at it to see if it would pop

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