Watching SBGL for potential breakout, high upside, low float stock. If it breaks at 4.80 I'm buying in as the stock has spikability over the last 24 months. Looking at 6.20 to sell. However, be cautious if it breaks back down it may be time to sell at 4.70 which looks to be a day resistance. Watching $ZNGA for potential short. Low float stock has a nice increase to it overtime and looks to be hitting a high as it broke 4.40 resistance. Would like to short at 5.40 and buy back in at 4.40. Be wary to be squeezed. This is my first post!

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[TimAlerts] i'm currently making my way through the vids and the new checklist DVD - $ZNGA came up on my paper trade radar today and i'm trying to get a read on the chart and helpers?

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