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0SethMcClain89 Mar 22, 17 4:31 PM

I dont study during market hours. My routine. Wake up. log on to TOS and E-Trade. Study my watchlist, and see what applies to today. Look at Tim's list. See what applies as well. Use my volume scan, or Michael Goodes % Gainers, to find what moving in the morning. Sort by Over all chart patterns I like, than by catalyst, then by lowest float. Usually narrows the morning down to just a few. The rest of the overwhelming parts come from not having enough study time to fully understand what patterns

0SethMcClain89 Mar 22, 17 4:33 PM

you like, and the rest comes from experince and messing up

spursley Mar 22, 17 6:14 PM

Are you a trading challenge student? Where do you get a volume scan from and where do you find Goode's % gainers? What part of the world do you trade from, I'm in Texas.

GeorgeMav Aug 06, 6:59 PM

@spursley Hey! I'm a newbie too I paid my tuition about three weeks ago, and at the moment I'm reading and watching all the content provided in the millionaire student challenge. I noticed you're in Texas, and I was just wondering if you guys are aware of like a study group here in Texas?

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