500k in profits, finally. Halfway to a mill and it's really only getting easier with the experience I've been gaining. That experience has been invaluable, and I can't wait to be able to translate this into trading with real money. I've been trading sizing in the same amount for each trade regardless of my actual account size for a month or so and will probably cap out at this point so I feel I really earn these profits. That's about 20% of my current account size. Still don't have the money to be able to trade with real money, but I trust the process as I've become a better trader than I ever would've been able too with real money. For me, learning this way was the best route otherwise I'd have real money to trade with lol. Goodluck to everyone at tomorrow's open!

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pnbestone Jan 26, 17 5:16 AM

Which broker you go for paper trade?

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