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RangerTrader May 22, 16 11:49 PM

I think if you watch all of Tim's videos and are in the chatroom you should be able to consistently profit. It's not going to be a lot at first but it can take off. The chatroom helps find stocks that are moving that you miss because it's impossible to find all the good plays. Also you need to get comfortable trading and accepting losses because thats how trading works.

TraderDunn May 23, 16 2:58 AM

Create a daily watchlist, watch a lot of youtube videos, and paper trade!

TraderDunn May 23, 16 2:59 AM

I wouldnt trade pre and post market unless you want to exit a position

AlexanderGafoor May 23, 16 4:46 PM

Thanks so much for the replies guys, feeling the support.

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