@Klarbros Hello Klarbros, just wondering.. How much money did you start off with? I'm just days away from making my first trade and have $1000 to play with.

Klarbros Aug 31, 14 2:18 AM

AJ, we have a number of accounts that make up these profitly stats. I can tell you that is it infinitely harder with a small account than a larger one, cause you will need to wait for larger gains before you sell in order to be able to 'pay for the trade'. I'd recommend an account minimum of $10K if possible. Good luck! let us know if you have any questions we can help with.

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@Klarbros welcomes you to their trader wall!

kkk9233 Apr 05, 14 4:25 PM

Hi Klarbros, I was wondering if you have blogs where you post your trades & your watch lists ? I would very much like to read it. Congratz for the gain and keep up the good work :)

Klarbros Jul 04, 14 2:06 PM

You can follow me on twitter @kklar1 and my brother is @kevrklar for real time trading updates... we don't have a site at the moment. But are starting to get a loyal twitter following and maintain a small text support group.

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