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the_anarchist Apr 07, 14 2:46 AM

Upgrade from Pioneer Square? You must have $$$ to live there.

kendraforrest Apr 09, 14 12:45 AM

Nope, I just found a good deal when the economy was way down. Renter law says they can't increase my rent more than 10% in a year so I've stayed put and been lucky. I'm getting out of here soon partly because of the prices and partly because I want to upgrade to a nicer neighborhood when I get consistent with trading well.

the_anarchist Apr 11, 14 10:19 AM

Are you moving out of state or just to a nicer neighborhood like Mercer Island or Bellevue?

kendraforrest Apr 11, 14 11:45 AM

Just to a nicer section of downtown. I have no intention of leaving Seattle any time soon.

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Loaded 34 million shares at .0005 on SNRY

BigBoom Feb 05, 14 10:42 PM

How can I get in on the fun because you guys are killing it! I like you guys style.

AndyL Feb 06, 14 1:12 AM

If you want to join us, we have a skype room that anyone is invited to. Find me on Skype (andrewwlapp) and I'll add you to the room. The more the merrier.

OZYMANDIAS Feb 06, 14 1:57 AM

interesting strategy you have

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