Pattimelt67 Feb 20, 18 7:38 PM

What i have of an idea is to watch what sector craze is going then see which pattern is coming up from those stocks in that sector. You almost just want to watch them as a garden by tending to the ones that are about to bloom. You know they are about to because of signals like price action, volume, level 2, and past performance. stocks that you pick are in the watchlist are there because you think they are the ones that will have a move due to those indicators. Not to mention any catalyst seen t

Black27 Feb 20, 18 8:02 PM

It looks like the rest of your post was cut off?

Pattimelt67 Feb 20, 18 8:27 PM

my finishing thought was that a catalyst on top of that would just move the odds even more in your favor depending on the reaction. But who know what it will do these are just to give a better idea of what it might do. If it does not go in your favor well any tim video ever says cut losses quickly.

Black27 Feb 20, 18 9:16 PM

Those are great points to remember. Still trying to wrap my head around level 2. Is OTC markets the best site to use for technical analysis?

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