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ppx Aug 29, 3:58 PM

Awesome video, thanks for sharing! Great lessons of what to do and what to avoid!

MichaelPuett Sep 15, 2:25 PM

Appreciate you showing the SEC filings and what youre looking for. Really great commentary on your entire thought process. #Blessed

Leftwichdonald Sep 23, 6:37 PM

@Huddie I was interested in your help if you can help me understand how to work this that would be awesome I tried to reach out to customer service but they're not responsive and also it seems as if you're doing a fantastic job on this as well my name is Donald and I hope to hear from you soon. Have a bless one

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@ScottiePips just became a fully transparent trader today!

ScottiePips Jan 07, 4:09 PM

Most important lessons to learn: Track your strategy to ensure you have an edge (working in all market conditions) by building a spreadsheet, stick to your risk and reward at all times, use a broker that suits you, and don't trade any other set up you may see - keep it simple!

ScottiePips Jul 03, 4:53 PM

Update: it's important to recognize your patterns and to have an edge by tracking your strategies. It's also important to implement strict risk management into your trades but what's more important is trading psychology: actually being aware of who is in pain and taking advantage of it. For example, when you short, you shouldn't just short cause you think the stock is going to drop. No, you should short because perhaps longs are panicking due to a failed B/O.

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