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Jacko23 Jul 12, 16 5:02 AM

Hi BOB, what do you think of $NANO (getting close to all time b/o @21,56), FIVN (if it manages to break 13) and $MXL(if it manages to break 21)? I know they are all high priced stocks.. but i know you love to buy break outs.

Turbobob Jul 12, 16 9:05 AM

NANO and MXL above my price range. $15 generally is my cut off. FIVN above $12.20 looks good with a move to the $13 level.

Cha_Ching Jul 13, 16 10:22 PM

Bob do you use stocks to trade?

Turbobob Jul 14, 16 9:49 AM

Yes. It is a great program

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