@mcilveen Hello Mcilveen -- I have been watching the community a little trying to learn a bit before I plunge into signing up to help one of the gurus and I noticed that your style of trading is what I am comfortable with doing (most experience the last 6 years with). I had a quick question on what service you have signed up with and how you felt it has been? Are you a silver, tim alerts, something else? Thank you for your help, look forward to hearing from you. Michael

Michael_0013_ May 27, 14 3:36 PM

I was interested in doing the silver just so I can have access to the libraries. So do you simply participate in the Profit.ly dashboard just to be a part of the community? Do you do all your research on your own then? Thank you for the response

mcilveen May 30, 14 2:18 AM

I'm not sure what service I will choose, but maybe Tim's or Superman's

mcilveen May 30, 14 2:26 AM

So far I've been doing all the research on my own and I'm looking to have a big upsurge, beyond the current success of my portfolio.

Michael_0013_ May 31, 14 11:27 PM

Seems like you are doing a great job so far. I have always done my own research as well, and ready to take it a step further. I have always been more of a longer holder (months) and want to give the quick action a bit of a shot. Good luck with whatever service you choose and thanks for the help

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