romeoVR Aug 17, 15 1:06 PM

i think it might reached the lowest for today and thinking about buying now.. but i'm just a beginner

neutronstar Aug 17, 15 2:23 PM

I think it reached its peak...the news are good but at this point the market already reacted to the news and the hype is done. I am not sure if I would long this one... Any advise on brokers?

notwhereuareat Aug 18, 15 10:05 AM

Tim says that sticks can increase for up to seven days... On good news. Has anyone seen this?

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svoboda Jan 02, 16 2:27 AM

One problem that i have is that i cannot import all of my trades. I have devided my account into three acc. but i can only import trades from my first account and not from the others so my profit chart is not aacurate. It shold be a couple of hundreds $ more :) Nothing special but i really see progress in the last 2 months.

svoboda Jan 02, 16 2:28 AM

From which country are you from? I am from Slovenia :) Wish you all the best in 2016!

Alesitus Jan 04, 16 6:18 AM

Im from spain. Been trading from about 5 months, and paper trading for about 2. So finding myself and working hard to find consistency while paper trading. Hope you find yours too !

svoboda Jan 04, 16 12:43 PM

Thank you. I am doing my best to be consistent :)

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Ahrix Aug 12, 15 9:17 AM

Good luck bud

308_bandit Aug 12, 15 12:46 PM

thank you, good luck be with you

cwood Aug 12, 15 9:22 PM

@308_bandit don't blindly follow his alerts, use his experience to your advantage by developing your own interpretations of his strategies. welcome to the party

308_bandit Aug 12, 15 9:59 PM

thank you cwood im taking his advice with my own twist im just trying to learn all i can before im in the real deal. but so far on my simulator ive made 10 grand on three days

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