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RC0002653 Aug 21, 17 3:18 PM

@Mclovin Believe me, you have no idea how bad it is in the UK with brokers. Sucks big time here, especially for small account users

M_cray82 Aug 21, 17 4:02 PM

Wow..didn't expect that much feedback from you guys aTBH.. so awesome this site is 👍🏻👌🏻.. i really do appreciate the time and effort you guys are putting in to reply to a complete newbi like me.. i have been also dabbling in the crypto currency of late too.. and decent results with Ant coin (now NEO) and Tenx coin, decent return of £225 in just under 3 days.

M_cray82 Aug 21, 17 4:05 PM

@Mclovin hi mate hope your well... I will be looking into simple fx and see how I get on with it..!? Do they do a mobile app for it?? Also do you know what the smallest deposit they would take ?? Thanks for the heads up though.. appreciate it.

Mclovin Aug 22, 17 2:09 AM

@M_cray82 all is well my good man. SimpleFX do have a mobile app. Some currencies have minimum deposit but not very high. Maybe around £15-20. The other playform i have startee usibg is Plus500, minimum deposit of £100 for this one and its is FCA regulated whixh speaks volumes to me. Good returns in 3 days, keep it up.

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