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RouxBourbon Feb 20, 10:31 PM

Cool. Thanks man, you have some very good insight. I will definitely keep your stuff on watch. I learned quite a bit.

asfricksrs Feb 21, 8:36 AM

Thanks John. I learned from your view on the OTC that you consider...nice breakdown thank you!

shaneshare26055 Mar 06, 5:46 AM

Thank John. Much clearer for me especially Risk/reward, entry and exit

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technoyogi Feb 20, 11:48 AM

It wouldnt kill you to just use an american broker and be physically limited to the 3 per week.

jazzytrade Feb 20, 12:52 PM

@technoyogi agreed, thing is I live in Canada. I tried with etrade and Robinhood. Unless I’m missing something, I need an american adress

technoyogi Feb 20, 1:17 PM

Hmm yeah you might have too with those. I'm not sure. I imagine your with suretrader? Sometimes having that PDT freedom is more detrimental then beneficial

jazzytrade Feb 20, 2:47 PM

IB is my broker. That’s why now I implement mental PDT we’ll see

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