First trade ever: ZSAN entry at 8.35 out at 8.5. Dip buying as @timsyke says, the chart was worth it, and there was a catalyst. The mental SL was 8.2 and the TP was 8.9, the risk/reward was good. A 100 shares position just to check how everything works

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@timsyke I would like to tell you about my morning it was frustrating because I could not make my trade. I had done everything right with my studding and research of the stock ad I even called it in the chat room early this morning.with all that I could not figure out how to get etrade to let me get my trade threw.after a few minuets of coursing my wife and I figured it out but it was to late the stock had roped out. I was to say the least not happy,after a while my wife told me how proud she was of me,i said why is that I missed it and she said not for that but for being so prepared and doing all the studying that I had done.I have been studying for a while and that was just my second trade I wanted to do so thank you for what you are doing to help me and the rest of us

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