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Latest Trades

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($37) Loss
BNGOLong Stock

Bought this spiker pre-market on a dip. Went about my day, came home and 10% goal was not achieved. Finally followed rule #1. A paper cut.


$40 Profit
PTILong Stock

could not get my sell order in quick enough happy I reconized the small gap up


$538 Profit
PTILong Stock

Was alerted to the stock by Syke's ("had a nice spike at noon")...watched it and bought after the bottom formed...time was good roughly 1:30 for a move to the close (credit Tim B)...let it run closed out in parts ....original order was for 1,000 .....bought 250 by mistake at 4.05 (good thing it was running) felt it was loosing steam at $4.10 off the high.....dropped to $3.51 within 10min....made to right call. Patience pays dividends....seen too many of these run on longer


$69 Profit
PTILong Stock

Was going to hold overnight, but this spiked nicely so took some profits....although I should have held a little longer and made another $30. Nice to have a win for a change, though.


($4) Loss
BABAShort Stock

I'm going to stop because for some reason everything I touch is wrong.