$8 Profit
AKTXLong Stock
$6 Profit
TWTRShort Stock

Messed up the timing on this trade. Entered way too early and missed my chance to get a nice profit. Glad I stayed disciplined and got out of this while still in the green.


($47) Loss
MBRXShort Stock
($3) Loss
MBRXShort Stock
($2) Loss
MBRXShort Stock
($85) Loss
MBRXShort Stock
$29 Profit
MBRXShort Stock
$129 Profit
GNLNShort Stock
($13) Loss
RHELong Stock
($25) Loss
MBIOShort Stock

Overextended Gap Down. First trade on a "vanilla" basis. I will be just shorting the open & covering the close, with a stop 2% above r/g (mkt orders). In this case, the stop was triggered.


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