SPX closed below the monthly trendline after failing the hard 2520-2525 resistance area I mentioned. Can be volatile overnight. $AMZN $AAPL $TSLA broke major supports into the close today. So keep today's low on watch as a key level now on all 3.

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Ugly overall market, no plays for me now, remember Sept/October statistically the months with the most market crashes and leaders like $AMZN which is now down 9% in 6 days usually fade first before a big crash so be safe!

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[TimAlerts] Tim been using what I learned from you not only to trade penny stocks but also options made a %30 return to day on my account with $AMZN Thanks for all you do

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[SuperAlerts] Yeah $AMZN was listed as tomorrow but the date has been moved to next week for earnings. I had calls for this week too for earnings, but that backfired when the date changed.

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