Ugly overall market, no plays for me now, remember Sept/October statistically the months with the most market crashes and leaders like $AMZN which is now down 9% in 6 days usually fade first before a big crash so be safe!

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[TimAlerts] Tim been using what I learned from you not only to trade penny stocks but also options made a %30 return to day on my account with $AMZN Thanks for all you do

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[SuperAlerts] Yeah $AMZN was listed as tomorrow but the date has been moved to next week for earnings. I had calls for this week too for earnings, but that backfired when the date changed.


[SuperAlerts] Feb 3rd options on $AMZN pricing in earnings move, but everywhere it shows earnings the week before. I emailed Amazon IR, nothing back yet.


[SuperAlerts] I was talking about $AMZN calls. I am long the 840 calls for Jan 27th for what I thought was earnings week. BUT for some reason those are RED today while the week after (feb 3) are way up making it seem earnings are that next week. All posted earnings dates are Jan 26th though.


[SuperAlerts] Sold CARA small profit .....$AMZN been long for a while small position~~~ living 7 miles fro the nearest store we love it......2 days later have almost anything we need.

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