Since becoming a premium member six weeks ago or maybe seven I went back to the beginning of Paul's teaching videos and one by one watched them and took notes. I have USAA as a broker and cannot link directly. about 6 K of this was from IPDN. I am not as seasoned as most of you.

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[TimAlerts] $GBR first traider I actually studied into! 1000 shares 2.34 out 3.14. I use USAA so not verified but you will see the losses on my page as well


[TimAlerts] I'm relatively new at this whole thing, and accidentally hit the "good faith" mark on my USAA brokerage account. Must have overlooked that rule or didn't notice. I didn't get any notifications until I was already locked out. Tried to buy $TK at 0930 on the nose for $7.40, but since my account had no unsettled funds, I'm stuck on the sidelines until Tuesday.... Lesson learned. The killer part is I had bought and sold 100 shares of $TK on Thursday afternoon and that's what put me over.


[TimAlerts] It may be a good idea to look at ICLD for a short if it breaks down to 2.99. I cant short unfortunately because USAA only lets me short big NYSE stocks...

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