[TimChallenge] $All uranium producers will dilute except for $URG which produces at 16$ per pound but price action rules fundamentals mean squat $UEC has shelf in place fwiw


[TimAlerts] $All the stoners are out to lunch, I'm hoping for a big weed squeeze on these otc plays later today


[TimAlerts] $all were flat and negative in the morning yesterday then came on the same? lunchtime lull may happen a little sooner. $LSCC basing but still weak


[TimAlerts] anything can happen...when money is on the table.....take it... $all tickers


I know no one will see this because I have a tiny account with very limited funds so I have no following. I am working hard to build my account so I can get past the no more than 3 trades per 5 business days rule. I have no one following me so most likely no one will read this. Having said that, here's what I see. You can go to Vegas and find some hot girl who will be willing to take you over to a table and help you gamble all your money. She will even tell you what numbers to play. Why... because it's not her money and she doesn't care if you lose. If you win she will want 1/2 since you used her numbers and she "helped you" but you are the one taking ALL the risk. If you lose she only helped you lose. That said, I see people asking Tim the same thing in the chat rooms. "What is everyone trading today?" "Any hot stock tip today? "I need a hot tip please." "Tim, should I trade XYZ now while it's moving or wait until the morning spike?" Thankfully, Tim and the chat room monitors reject that shit. It may make you feel better to have someone tell what stock to trade and where to get in and out at but seriously you know it's still your money and your risk. I love how Tim says **** that! You have to study, work hard and do your own research; trying his best to force us to learn to stand on your own 2 feet. We are so lucky that we have the real deal teacher rather than some promoter who would be willing to feed us whatever we want to hear as long as we pay his monthly fee every month. Study hard and be your own man so that just like with anything else in life, you earn it, putting in the hours studying. Earn the know how learning and following the rules and you will be a great trader in time. You do however, have to be willing to work for it...just like Tim always says. Here he is about to yell what seems like his favorite word while trying his best to hammer his teachings into our heads. He is yelling, "I'm a ****ing millionaire!" You are are to funny some times Tim but a good teacher.

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MarcMunoz Jan 11, 14 10:50 AM

Follow my Twitter @RMarcMunoz if you like. I can always use another friend.

Michael20 Feb 20, 14 2:10 PM

hi marc, with how much money did you start trading? Which stocks do you watch in which price category? follow me back pls

MarcMunoz Feb 20, 14 4:26 PM

I watch stocks from sub penny to $2 or $3 if I really think there is a big moving coming and its above that I will use options to play it

MarcMunoz Mar 02, 14 10:19 PM

I think you need at least $2k to start trading otherwise broker fees will have to much influence on what and how you trade.

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