$183 profit BIEI Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this recent runner that's about to take out multiday resistance as its been uptrending all week despite the ugly market and they just posted some more news on their LinkedIn today https://tim.ly/3PREUlO which makes me think they'll have a press release next week, not to mention there's a lot of online promo on this one so my guess is promoters will hype it up all weekend long...goal is to make 10-30%...I'll do a video lesson this weekend on it too!

Exit comments: Nice little weekend gap play here, nothing huge, but it worked as I wanted...potential re-buy on any actual press release this week

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monsterjon1952 Dec 27, 22 11:05 PM

I let half go today but I see a bit more to come. I hope...

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[TimAlerts] I do like the chart pattern though. It has multiple spikes over the years so if it does break yesterdays high it could run. It reminds me of $BIEI and $CDII

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