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kFox49 Feb 08, 23 3:42 AM

Thanks Tim! Look for the next big sector!

RobertRiggs Feb 13, 23 12:50 PM

Watched live and rewatched. Naked short war sector, now AI sector, things are starting to run again. Paul Pierce EMA4 and/or bounce from EMA4 is a nice look for a reversal. Holding stocks to bounce back for breakeven is a losing strategy. Cut losses and move on. EMA is more weighted for recent days and is good for momentum plays. LCID lockup expiration and ran it up to the highest strike price and dumped it. Cleaned out all of the shorts and squeezed. Thanks you for the webinar Tim Lento.

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+10 (4.42%) Bought BZFD morning spike at 2.26 when the market opened and the first candle proved green, shoulda, woulda, coulda grabbed premarket when i watched it at 2.16, but my rule is not to play premarket, and im working on discipline Exit: out at 2.36 for 4%, not gonna be greedy, FGD potential. Baby Steps, knowledge over profits Stock mad a dip after i sold, then ripped back up to 2.52 before collapsing. All in all, i stuck with my plan and didnt lose focus. lessons over profits

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