-$820 loss CBTC Long Stock

Entry comments: Breaking out of recent consolidation, thx http://tim.ly/breaking for the heads up, goal is to make 5-15%, not a fast mover but solid volume just now due to breakout

Exit comments: No bounce, no breakout, big wall of sellers at .031 now, no thx, my bad for even bothering midday in a slow market, gotta pullback my aggressiveness

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$4,712 profit CBTC Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this crypto spiker, goal is to profit 10-25% today, hot niche

Exit comments: Awesome spiker, weird Level 2 and chart right now so tough to read, I'm just locking in safe profits, not gonna get greedy here, whewww

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joerikkie Feb 09, 11:06 AM

Why doesn’t it show exit and entry and amount of shares

Windwalzer Feb 09, 5:49 PM

Very nice. Thank you for sharing.

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jackgreen Mar 07, 3:08 AM

I look at VWAP like a gravitational pull, so if it’s really far below it it’s most like will start to pull back up kinda like a dip buy but am cautious that’s it’s not done going down; and reverse when it’s above VWAP I’m being cautious that it’s gonna go with gravity towards the VWAP

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