[TimAlerts] Well I just researched a lot about the co. FPVD and there is a lot of good news coming in. Deals are rumored to have happened but there is no proof or documentation released yet. Ill be watching it carefully


[TimAlerts] Real question about FPVD is if it has all this positive news about it, why does it continue to decline. looks like it will be a sub penny stock before the years over.


[TimAlerts] It is a very low priced OTC stock but keep an eye out for FPVD in the morning. It has went supernova recently on massive volume and has had some very good PRs recently. If the setup/volume is right you could make a great return on a vary small position


[TimAlerts] in FPVD .023 out .029 easy 100$ win on my small account. Nothing huge but become more self sufficient! Thanks Tim!

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