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Gmanan Mar 01, 22 3:48 PM

Thanks Tim , it’s my first weekend trade and I was traveling . I saw your post INTK got in .405 Friday , then Monday am tried to sell at 41 but TD Ameritrade didn’t sold at .35 just a very small position to start .

RRTrades Apr 19, 22 6:17 PM

I've been very patient lately.

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$1,446 profit INTK Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this recent runner as its holding its morning spike well and they teased big news on Monday with an update on their deal with Caterpillar, which is a $100 billion company so it'll likely be positive. I'll do a video lesson this weekend with my detailed take on this setup, but my goal is to sell in the .04s as today is just the first green day, a classic setup with the PR coming on Monday. Overall market risk is down too now

Exit comments: I sold my remaining shares for a solid profit despite no premarket PR like I wanted and an ugly overall market due to the Russian/Ukraine crisis. Potential rebuy depending on what they say in the PR and when it comes out. Stay safe in this market above all else.

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Darrellwilde Feb 25, 22 3:20 PM

Great Tim thank you I was thinking about a weekend hold!!

tupuad Feb 25, 22 6:40 PM

Good work! Thanks Tim.

trader_72824 Feb 27, 22 9:09 PM

Where is the weekend video? Couldn't get filled Friday so didn't get any but waiting to see what happens on Monday with the teased news?

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