Top Gainers for 2-28-19: $JCP RKDA $SQBG $TGTX TTOO

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stocker Aug 19, 3:07 PM

Anyone watching JCPNQ? BK judge called special meeting TODAY to cut through offer(s) BS -OR- possibly kick them out of BK entirely. Balance sheet shows equity surplus OVER debtor's claim.

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$12.00 Gain - $JCP - Long Entry: Bought 300 at 3.20, miss the bottom to dip buy. Stock is a earnings winner, and great spike at pre-market. Exit: @3.24 it can't pass thru 3.26 resistance with lots of attempts. Learning more how to perfectly dip buy. The stocks was promising, it went 10% up previous day and spiker on pre-market. Earnings winner. It went from 2.70 to 3.29 HOD. So, I prepared to dip buy it when market opened. Unfortunately, I miss the 3.00 bottom. I bought 300 @ 3.20. It had a strong resistance at 3.26. Without hesitation, I sold it at 3.24 to avoid loss. Luckily I was right, it did not broke the resistance and it trended downwards.

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[TimAlerts] Keep an eye on $JCP could be good for about .50 There is a lot of open interest on the Call side (OPTIONS) so there could be a bump in price action today.

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