[TimAlerts] $MHR Will be interesting to watch. Drama Drama E/R came out. Looks bleak for MHR. Chapter 11 –BK? Don’t think Gary Evans will pull the rabbit from his hat this time. No money, Under control of creditors, and not to mention an SEC investigation…..OH MY! Glad I took my money and ran. (before the report) Thanks goes to Chicago for the venting session. (Yes I did make $$$$$) Although Bleak could see some action….Low of .10 A/H with a return to .19 as of 5:09 central time. With .19 sitting on


-$75 loss MHR Long Stock

Entry comments: Long here as .30 has been our top for a bit, breaking above currently, looking for this area to hold and spike towards the mid .30s may look to add on some confirmation

Exit comments: stopped out here, failed to break that .32 resistance which was key for the breakout i wanted here, cut losses quickly , didn't even lose $100 and had a reward of $700+

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