$NBY in @ 1.5 out @ 1.35 for 200 shares - I liked this play because it had good potential. It was an earnings winner and it had a good previous spike that went supernova. I bought at the b/o level. It rose to 1.6 but I wasn't fast enough to catch that. It went straight up and then down to the 1.45. Should've cut losses there. It just seemed to me that it being an earnings winner, it had good potential. Although i think, this is one of those times that even if the setup and everything is there.. this is just one of those trades that goes against you. We Live and We Learn Living to Trade Another Day

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$MGI and $NBY spiked a bit on the hopes it would squeeze like MLNT probly some shorts were exiting there to add to their losing MLNT positions too, shorts getting smoked everywhere right now, it's hard out for a short

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LizLele Jun 16, 11:53 AM

Watched it live. Thanks Mark!

CrazyWillows Jun 17, 3:40 AM

Solid lesson in this webinar @markcroock and realised that you always want to give yourself the best odds of succeeding and speculative plays like EMPM may work once in a while but is not a strategy to follow and is a bad habit trading these types of plays.. When playing intraday volume and momentum have got to be on your side otherwise you just going to bleed your account on non ideal setups. Lesson learnt, thanks again.

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