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nsstrohminger May 28, 8:52 PM

Awesome webinar Jack. I’m going to watch all 50+. I learn so much from your analysis and commetary. Also, love you’re 7 Figure Cycles product. Easy to follow and navigate risk. Got a inaugural lifetime membership and almost made my money back on 3 trades.

mallareg1 May 29, 4:35 AM

Thanks Jack, Your mentorship is truly appreciated. Learning your lessons quickly.

DDT May 31, 12:56 PM

Thanks Jack.

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$882 profit ONMD Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on this other short squeeze, lets see how high it can go, what a market, cut losses if no further spike

Exit comments: Whewwwww, what a rush, short squeezes are the play, get in chat, trade alerts too slow, you need to see this ahead of time

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