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NoPressure Jan 13, 3:47 PM

Thanks Tim. Day 1. Patience is a virtue. Fingers crossed!

Lailiano Jan 19, 10:02 PM

Hi!! Today is my first day of joining and I found the video very helpful. Am Just getting started and hopefully soon I’ll be able to start to trade. Am in the UK, so which brokers are good to use?? If someone can help I’ll appreciate it. Thank You

caissie Feb 14, 10:34 AM


Hemerodrome Feb 27, 6:28 PM

2031! Looking forward to learning and growing over the coming years!

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[TimAlerts] PTCO acquires land...their stock price has gone from $.21 in December to over $4 now...might be worth watching


[TimChallenge] not that it helps anybody but IB filled me sort 263 shares of PTCO this morning just studying the chart and guess what it is a perfect breakout on news is a (unconfirmed pump though) ARRG


[TimChallenge] any one watching BKIT it been up few cents a day for 5 days now. It looks like a pump and dumps to me.. the chart looks like another PTCO. any suggestion?

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