In my previous post I entered the wrong ticker. I deleted that post. I entered $SID Long @ 4.08 because the stock had reached a 52 wk high and my plan is to buy into the market close looking for a gap up and closing with a profit at the market open. This strategy will not count against my PDT status.

WZDM Mar 14, 19 9:40 AM

$SID did not gap as I anticipated sold to close at 4.00

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Not much to report today, from my watchlist I had 2 potential plays, played them both conservatively and somewhat according to plan. Still much room to improve. $34 profits today, which wouldn't be enough to cover trading fees and taxes. So far my picks have been bad, but on the safe side. Hopefully I can learn to better recognize superior plays in the day and position myself better. Today I played $OMVS and $SID. Both had really nice chart potential, but both were also lacking in volume. Didnt research them properly as well. I often feel like I'm going blindly where I otherwise wouldnt. I only have lvl1 instead of lvl2 and trade slips, would also love to see what an intraday scanner, short interest and trade count look like. :D

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Streamingmoney Nov 17, 17 2:04 PM

Do you play any Fallout games? Are you still here?

Tomislav Nov 17, 17 2:09 PM

Hi, still here, stopped with public journaling though, hope you found something helpful. Yeah, I played Fallout, its awesome! :)

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[TimAlerts] $SID 1year chart shows a ascending triangle pattern ready to break multimonth resistance at $3.93


[TimChallenge] $SID chart looks good on today Gap then uptrend on the afternoon, don't know if it will hold but looks very nice, volume isn't to bad either.

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