[TimChallenge] Covered 800 shares PULM at 1.68 just before close from 1.83. Should have waited one more minute for another .10. But happy with the win when I held through several HOD tests. Starting a new trend - only made 5 trades this month, but 4 out of 5 have been wins - small ones - and my only loss was smaller than each of the wins. Woo Hoo.

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[TimChallenge] I was short $URRE from this morning and entered a bit too early at $3.24. Was a very long wait until it let me out with a small gain at $3.12.


[TimChallenge] Shorted HEAR o/n from 1.69. Out today at 1.49. Saw the history of failed spikes and thought that even with a little spike this morning it would come down hard later today or tomorrow. Only small position though of 500. Maybe it will fade the rest of the day, but wanted to take profits.

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